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I forgot to update this thing.

Um... where do I start? Hi! I'm Brittany S. Pierce. I'm in L.A., but not in normal L.A., in another L.A. where there are people that look like me and the rest of New Directions that play us on T.V. And we don't really exist anymore, except obviously we do, because I'm here talking to you. I know, it confuses me too.

I miss my family and Lord Tubbington, but at least I have Santana and Naya and Hemo and the others are really nice. I'm secretly working on a time-space machine to take us back through the time-space confederation where the aliens took us out of, but don't tell anyone. Except Grant. He's helping.

If you have any questions or just want to talk then you should totally say something in my ask box! I love talking to new people. And old people, too, but they don't usually know how to use computers.

AIM is BrittBrittTheBest. Talk to me if you want to! I love talking to people and I'm on almost all the time! (That includes people out of game. I'm not picky.)

This is just an RP account because as real as Brittany is she's not really real in this dimension and I'm not really her. I don't even play her on T.V.

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